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Closures & Schedule Changes
  • Saturday, July 26, Long Center: Dr Dan Tournament - no regular club play.
  • Saturday, August 2, Long Center.
  • Saturday, August 9, Long Center.
  • Note: July is freebie month at the Long Center. They have different free things every day during the month of July. Check out the calendar at the front desk for the details. There are four days during the month that you can play table tennis and the facility fee is FREE:
    Thursday July 24th 9am-12pm
    Tuesday July 29th 6pm-8:30pm

Note: There is additional club play at the Long Center on Tuesdays, 5:30pm to 8:30pm, for the summer,  continuing until sometime in September. Tables need to be put away at the end of the Tuesday morning session.

Note: New hours at St. Pete Beach for the summer: 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Doctor Dan Rapper Series #3
2014 Dr. Dan Rapper Series Event
WHERE:  The Long Center, 1501 N Belcher Rd, Clearwater, FL 33765
WHEN:     Saturday, July 26th, 2014 8:00am - 4:00pm
Entry form
Tournament flyer

FREE Pizza and Drink to All Participants.
There will be no tables available for open playing the day of the tournament. All the tables will be reserved for the event.

Watch Doctor Dan on YouTube for the June Event!

Watch us in Youtube!

Registered players

Registered Players
* Registration will be open until tournament day at 8:45 am.

James Lynum - 1957
James Wang - 1773
Ray Look - 1640
Aser LaAdamas 1629
Igor Bubis - 1385
Bill Robbins - 1352

Robert Tye - 1275
Billy Bay - *1250
Carolyn Adams - 1085
Maurice Cohen - 1026
Juli Blass - 1004
Bruce Ward - *950

Cameron Glaz - Junior
2014 Tournament Winners:
Doctor Dan #1 Doctor Dan #2 Doctor Dan #3
Category A 1- Felipe Ruiz
2- Jose Borges
3- Sherlyn Barvie-Perez
1 – James Wang
2 – Michal Krecek
3 – Felipe Ruiz
Category B   1 - Waqar Cheema
2 - Art Espanol
3 - John Mason
1 - Alfred Palumbo
2 - Ted Ostrowski
3 - Ray Look
Category C 1- Zaydi Javeed
2- Don Goff
3- Mazi Javeed
1 - Eric Dieker
2 - Bill Robbins
3 - Carolyn Adams
Category D   1 - Justin Ma
2 - Willy Dean
3 - Bruce Ward
1 – Bruce Ward
2 – Selena Tian
3 – Cody Jenkins
Categor E 1 - Cynthia Tian
2 - Mylin Ruiz
3 - Juan Cordova
Doubles 1 - Rich Junkes/Greg Gingold
2- Gary Pentecost/Sherlyn Barvie Perez
1 - Simon Chang/James Wang
2 - Felipe Ruiz/Gar Bo Leung
News around the Club

Sherlyn Barvie Perez

11 years Sherlyn Barvie Perez won second place in the Elite class at the MID-FLORIDA table Tennis Tour ' July Classic, 2014 in Lakeland, FL. Michal Krecek won 4 th place. Both are players from Sunrise table tennis club in Clearwater , Fl students of coach Gary Fraiman.

Congratulation to 11 years old Sherlyn Barvie Perez for reaching semifinals in the women evet at the Miami tournament. I the picture with tournament director, Carl Ziggler. Sherlyn also beat higher ranking playes like like Toni Berkuti (2029) and Leroy Thompson (2009).

Sherlyn also won gold medal U2100 event at 2014 Florida Sunshine State Games in Lakeland ,FL ON JUNE 21 ,2014

Senior Program - Class of June 2014

New Membership Policy Explained

Sunrise table Tennis Sunrise Table Tennis Club Members,

The Sunrise Table Tennis Club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, and provides all services and equipment for play at each of the club locations. Until now, the STTC has required at least a basic membership donation by the players to help cover the expenses for purchasing and maintaining the equipment used by the players, and other basic expenses. However, the City of Clearwater no longer allows us to require a membership fee for play at their facilities.

Your continued support in the way of voluntary membership donations enables us to purchase and maintain club equipment (tables, nets, barriers, robots, etc.), run tournaments, offer programs for Juniors and Seniors, and host other special events and programs.

The Basic Membership donation includes the following benefits:
  • Discounts for some tournaments, facility usage fees and special programs.
  • Eligible to participate in the Junior and Senior programs.
  • Eligible for the annual STTC recognition awards.
  • Eat free at the Annual STTC Pizza Party.
  • Free use of the club robot.
  • 25% discount on the purchase of Giant Dragon rackets, rubbers and other products.
  • Other discounts and benefits as additional programs become available.

Every member will receive an email notice when their membership expires. Please be as generous as you have in the past and help us achieve our goals. Prompt renewal is greatly appreciated, as are higher-level donations above the Basic Membership.

Basic Membership Donations are very low. Less than $3 per month:

  • $35 Individual
  • $45 Family
  • $25 Seasonal (less than 6 months here)

Click here for membership details and application.

For a printable version of this new membership policy, please click here >>

The STTC is an autonomous division of the Sunrise Sports Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. All donations above the Basic Membership are tax deductible* (except for the value of special benefits received). *Consult your tax adviser.
Good Life Games Results - 03/15/2014

Good Life Games 2014

Good Life Games The 2014 Table Tennis Good Life Games was held on March 15st
Categories played: Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles

Ross Norton Recreation Center
1426 S Martin Luther King Ave.
Director: Keith Hanley

Watch Us on YouTube!

Watch us in Youtube!
Tournament Results:
Men singles
50-54 Gold Robert Harrison
60-64 Gold Bill Robbins
60-64 Silver Dennis Sweeney
65-69 Gold Ray Pugh
70-74 Gold Simon Chang
70-74 Silver Don Tran
70-74 Bronze Chuck Yessaian
75-79 Gold Ray Look
75-79 Silver George Scheipner
75-79 Bronze William Wolf
80-84 Gold Al Palumbo
Women singles
55-59 Gold Najia Li
70-74 Gold Carolyn Adams
70-74 Silver Lisalotte Gade
70-74 Bronze Newton Tran
75-79 Gold Margo Lindsay
80-84 Gold Sue Tobias
80-84 Silver Leurene Hildenbrand
Men doubles
65-69 Gold Ray Pugh Simon Chang
70-74 Gold Don Tran Al Palumbo
70-74 Silver Ted Ostrowski Chuck Yessaian
70-74 Bronze Ralph Gragg William Wolf
Women doubles
55-59 Gold Najia Li Janet Irish
70-74 Gold Leurene Hildenbrand Carolyn Adams
70-74 Silver Liselotte Gade Newton Tran
75-79 Gold Margo Lindsay Sue Tobias
Mixed doubles
55-59 Gold Najia Li Simon Chang
70-74 Gold Don Tran Newton Tran
70-74 Silver Ralph Gragg Tobias Sadako
70-74  Bronze Chuck Yessaian Leurene Hildenbrand
75-79  Gold Margo Lindsay Al Palumbo
Clearwater Winter Open Slide Show

Watch the Clearwater Winter Open Slide on YouTube!

Watch us in Youtube!
Featured Player
Sherlyn Barvie Perez

Sherlyn Barvie Perez, born in 2003 near Havana, Cuba, began playing table tennis when she was seven and won her first tournament at the age of eight years old. Her table tennis awards include:

  • 1st Place in 8- 9 years old event, Bejucal Provincial Competition of Table Tennis - March 2012
  • 1st Place in Under 9 years old event, Barbados Martires Cup � May 2012
  • 1st Place in Under 9 years old event, Mayabeque Municipality National School Games - August 2012
  • Bejucal Provincial Best Athlete of 2012 � Awarded February 2013
  • Most Outstanding Athlete in Under 11, 13, & 15 years old event, Barbados Martires Cup � February 2013
  • 1st Place in Under 11 years old event - Barbados Martires Cup � February 2013
  • 1st Place in Under 11 years old event, Bejucal Western Zone Table Tennis Cup - May 2013
Sherlyn Barvie Perez at Lakeland

Sherlyn left Cuba for Tampa with her family to pursue better training conditions and a better opportunity for advancement in the sport of Table Tennis. Sherlyn and her family have expressed their gratitude for the warm welcome and encouragement they have received from the members of the Sunrise Table Tennis Club. Gary Fraiman, coach for the Sunrise Table Tennis Club and their Junior Program, has happily taken her under his wing. She currently has a USATT rating of 1805 and recently placed first in the Master Division of the Clearwater Winter Heat Open Tournament. Coach Gary is convinced her rating will advance with every tournament she enters in the foreseeable future. Sherlyn plans to play in the Lakeland Orange Blossom Series and to travel to the U.S. Open this July in Michigan. Coach Gary is currently searching for a sponsor to help with expenses toward the goal of training and preparing this gifted, enthusiastic athlete to join the U.S. Junior Team. If you are interested in being a Sponsor, please Contact Gary Fraiman at 410-812-7410, or

Clearwater Winter Heat Open - February 8-9th, 2014
Clearwater Winter Heat Open

Colossal RR Format Two Star
$1,350 Prize Money
Limited to the FIRST 80 Registered Players!

WHEN : Saturday-Sunday, February 8-9th, 2014
WHERE: Long Center 1501 N. Belcher Rd, Clearwater FL 33765


Saturday Event Score Board
Championship Elite Master
  1. Dayanand Maharaj
  2. Richard Ciz
  3. Winter Heat - Championship.pdf
  1. Elidon Bekurti
  2. Jerry Monopoli
  1. Sherlyn Barvie
  2. Joseph Mozur

Expert Advanced Prestige
  1. Luigi Lopatinski
  2. Dylita Maharaj
  1. Jim Nason
  2. Phil Irish
  1. Tom Shepperd
  2. Victor Marik

U-2600 Doubles Open Doubles
  1. Thang Cao/Janet Irish
  2. Carolyn Adams/William Robbins
  1. Brian O'Reilly/Collin O'Reilly
  2. Angel Morales/Sherlyn Barvie

Teams Sand Paper
  1. South East Mix
    (Garth Jordan/Winston Dowridge/Hisae Senko
  2. Track Data
    (Colin O�Reilly/Brian O�OReilly)
  1. Bill Robbins
  2. Keith Hanley

Here are some of the winners of the Winter Heat Tournament

Personal Best Award at National Senior Games
Leurene Hildenbrand Has received an award for personal best National Senior Games Tour and was part of the NSG Celebration in Cleveland July 25. Grads to "Leu"!!!!

The Art (and Science) of a Successful Life

This is the story of an Ohio farm girl who dreamed of being a research scientist and persisted until she reached her goal. Leurene Hildenbrand overcame the prevailing bias of her time against women pursuing science careers and became the first female to manage a laboratory in her company. But that's just the beginning of the story.
Read More about Leurene >>

Junior Development Porgram
Location: Countryside Recreation Center
Hours: Saturdays, 12:30pm to 2:00pm
Loaner racket provided.

Monthly: $25 per Student or $35 per Family (group lesson weekly, 4 per month).
Individual: $10 per lesson/week.


More Info: Contact Rudy Santo, 727.541.4039

Details: Click Here for Junior Development Program Page
STTC Play Rules
Many of you have been asking if we have any Club Play Rules. The answer is... YES, WE DO! Below are our basic playing rules. Remember, everyone deserves the opportunity to play. It�s only fair
  • Renew your club membership or join if you haven�t � ONLY $35 Individual, $45 Family, $25 Seasonal (less than 6 months)
  • Warm-up time is limited to 5 minutes. Then play a match. Best 3 of 5 to 11.
  • If practicing instead of playing a match, the time limit is 30 minutes (inclucing warm-up time). Then both players leave the table.
  • A player is allowed two wins at one table. On a player�s second win,both players leave the table.
  • Any player can challenge any table by placing their paddle next to the challenged table. Please be courteous if they are in the middle of a game.
  • If you are challenging a table, you cannot play on another table while waiting unless nobody is waiting to play.
  • Start putting the tables away 15 minutes before quitting time!
  • You must be OUT the front door five minutes before closing time.
  • Training tables may be reserved for coaches.
  • If nobody is waiting to play, then you can warm up as long as you want.
TT Service Rule Violations
By Rudy Santo, Certified USATT Umpire
As a certified USATT umpire I would to comment on a table tennis rule that I see being violated often during tournament play. It is the table tennis service rule. Table tennis service rules are outlined in sections 6.0 thru 6.6 of the USATT Rules Manual and all tournament players should be familiar with them and abide by them. These are a few of the service rule violations that I have observed in recent tournaments
Click here to
Giant Dragon STTC Discounts

Have you been procrastinating?

Getting a new sheet of rubber or a new blade can be quite expensive. The Sunrise Table Tennis Club is proud to announce that our St. Pete Beach President, Bill Robbins, is now selling table tennis equipment. His new business named "Blazin' Paddles" will currently be offering Giant Dragon blades and rubbers. These products are inexpensive and of high quality. He will be offering a 25% discount to Sunrise Table Tennis Club members and a 15% discount to all other table tennis club and association members.

Products will be available at many of our Club locations and at upcoming tournaments. More information on the Giant Dragon products can be found at or email Bill at

Latest Videos

Junior Development Program (JDP)
STTC players win 9 gold 3 silver at table tennis
TT Service Rule Violations
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Sunrise Foundation

Our Mission

The Sunrise Table Tennis Club (STTC) is part of the Sunrise Sports Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501 (3) (C) organization. The goal of the Foundation is to promote low cost or free athletic competitions and educational clinics for all adults and juveniles to promote fitness and personal excellence through planned athletic activities, educational, recreational, competitive and social events. We provide free activities to all juveniles under the age of 17 and have a plan for subsidizing indigent seniors. The Sunrise Table Tennis Club is one of the Florida table tennis clubs that provides the facilities, activities and opportunities for the Foundation to achieve these goals.

The Sunrise Table Tennis Club is an activity of the Sunrise Sports Foundation, Inc.
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